The power to change your life is within yourself

Blue Healing tarot is a space for energetic and spiritual healing through Angel TherapyAngel Therapy allows you to connect with your celestial team to ask them questions and receive their loving guidance. They will never tell you what to do because they respect your free will, but they will show you the path you must travel to discover your potential, your gifts, your truth.

You do not have to believe in a particular religion to receive this therapy, as archangels are non-denominational. We all have a celestial team that is always with us. You just have to ask for their assistance to receive it. They won't tell you what to do because they respect your free will. They will give you guidance and remove from your energy everything that you no longer need for your evolution and growth.  If you open yourself to receive Divine guidance, the archangels will help you understand why you had to go through a determined situation or event, bring to your conscious mind the lesson these situation wanted to teach you, and release emotions and limiting beliefs stuck in your energy to help you transcend it and move forward at ease and in harmony with the Universe.

I have merged in this beautiful therapy the Angel Tarot and Oracle cards reading, the energy healing through Distant Reiki, the spiritual healing through the Akashic Records, and the Divine healing through the Dowsing technique.


I'm Veronica and I'm thrilled to share my story with you.

My ultimate purpose is to help you identify and release hidden emotions and beliefs that are blocking your love life, relationships, finances, career, health, and more importantly, practicing Self-Love and becoming your True-Self. When you become your True-Self, everything else lines up in your life

I currently channel the Archangels loving energy to help you heal their inner child wounds, practice self-love and become their true-self.


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Angel Therapy 
Angel Tarot, Reiki, Akashic Records, Dowsing

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