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International Reiki Organization
Veronica Dennis, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot

Hi, I'm Veronica

I help women on a quest for self-discovery and healing to find their Soul Blueprint, releasing what no longer serves them through Inner Child work with Tarot, Reiki, Akashic Records and Angel Therapy, so they can manifest a life of joy, abundance and well-being.


Reiki Organization

International Reiki Organization

Are you a Reiki practitioner?


Then I strongly recommend you join the International Reiki Association. They give you all the support that you need for your practice:

* Education to build and grow your business

* Courses

* Promotion of your reiki practice on their website

* and more

It has been an incredible support growing my practice, and I think it will be a great way to grow your practice too!

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What they say about us


She has brought so much clarity and understanding into my life. She was patient and kind. I would definitely recommend


She helped me clear so much of my negative thinking by showing me the things that are holding me back from past-lives. She helped me understand my true purpose 

Portrait of Smiling Woman


I'm utterly blown away and impressed by how incredible Veronica is. She's extremely intuitive, and very attuned with Reiki energies. I am very pleased. The chakras that were blocked were cleared off completely and my body feels so much lighter and happier!

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