Helping people to release karmic energy and find inner peace, joy and abundance in their life.

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I am Veronica Dennis, Holistic Tarot Reader, Reiki practitioner, Angel Therapist, and Akashic Records Master

Angels, archangels and beings of light have been in my life forever, but only when I was ready to listen to them did they manifest in a more obvious way. They must be invited to intervene in our lives.​

A deeply challenging stage of my life that forced me to leave everything known behind, led me to seek the guidance of the angels through the Angel Tarot cards and oracle cards. This was, and still is one of my favorite

tools to go within and find the answers I need to move forward in my life feeling at peace with myself and the world.


My love for the wonderful art of card reading and the desire to help others through this art inspired me to create Blue Healing Tarot. Through the cards I discovered the importance of practicing self-love to heal myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I discovered that loving yourself is not being selfish, because by loving yourself and giving yourself what you need to be at peace, you are more available to give love and heal others. I also learned that we came to this world to be happy, and that we only achieve that by allowing ourselves to be our True Self.

The desire to help others to heal made me want to give more, so my angels guided me to Reiki, a beautiful energy healing technique that I learned back in 2008, but that I was only using to heal myself until then. They wanted me to share this gift with others because through Reiki people awaken their inner healer. In a Reiki session, the practitioner is only a channel, but it's actually the client's higher self the one that is sending the healing energies. 

Then I was guided to the Akashic Records, and there I found a peace in my soul I never felt before in my life. I feel so loved every time I am in my record, and my heart is filled with joy. They tell me that I was guides to the Akashic Records to see my soul and feel joyful of who I am. Then I felt the need to share this loving guidance with you, so now you can have that beautiful experience.

All these different ways to get divine guidance has helped me to heal my life, improving my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, finding inner-peace and joy.

My mission here is to help you heal the deep wounds of

your soul, your inner child wounds, to find inner-peace,

joy, and manifests abundance in your life.


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