Veronica Dennis, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot


I'm Veronica, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot. I am a Reiki and Akashic Records Master, intuitive Tarot reader who works with the angels, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you 💙

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My Story

My purpose here is to help you take control and improve chronic pain by healing inner child wounds doing shadow work through tarot readings, reiki, angel therapy and akashic records.

I named my business Blue Healing Tarot because I've been in a healing journey for more than 20 years, working on controlling, improving and progressively eliminating physical pain. The problem was that I wasn't in control of my healing process, because I was relying only in something in the outer world to make it happen. Only when I surrendered after a very challenging moment in my life, was I able to listen to the guidance of my intuition and the angels.


They directed me to the oracle and tarot cards to deliver their messages in a graphic way, maybe because my sight was my strongest channel. Through the cards the angels started guiding me to improve my self-love to start healing from the inside out. Short after, they reminded me of reiki! I had been attuned into Reiki in 2008, but for some reason I wasn't practicing it at that time. The relief, peace and balance I felt when I started practicing reiki was, and still is, amazing!

Then I found the akashic records and the angel therapy. Angel therapy has been a blessing for me because, even though I always had a connection with the angels, with this practice I learned how to intentionally connect with them and channel their messages.

This is what every holistic practice has taught me:

There are seven main chakras are located from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and each of them handle different aspects of our lives and emotions. They mature one at a time, and each chakra takes around one year to fully mature. When a chakra is evolving, it attracts to your life events that will trigger the emotions associated with it. This happens during the first 7 years of our lives

Parents, family members, teachers and friends, condition our ability to feel uncomfortable emotions. At a very young age, we hear people telling us not to cry, or not to be angry, or sad, so we learn to act out these emotions. The way we acted out an emotion the first time it got triggered when we were kids, has been the way we have been acting out the emotion every single time until now. Because we have been resisting feeling these emotions for so long, they have manifested into our lives as pain.

Therefore, to get rid of the pain you need to identify these emotions and learn to feel them in order to control your pain. 


Reiki has helped me big time to release these emotions and improve my health. Reiki always works, but the key to get the best out of a session is to be present, being aware of what happens in your energy. When I do a self-reiki treatment, I avoid distractions to be able to get in touch with my emotions when they surface. This is why I do all my reiki sessions on Zoom, to prevent you as much as possible to be distracted doing something else. Of course, you have free will, so if you are thinking of booking a reiki session, I recommend making sure that you can take the time off to be present and make the most out of your healing session.

Tarot and Oracle Card have been great friends of mine since I started using them a few years ago, and this practice is what inspired me to begin shearing my gifts with you. Back then I was in kind of a crisis moment. I moved from Peru to California to get married, broke my kneecap in the layover, new home, new country, new husband, you get the picture! I could do nothing but to lay down and be with myself during the day, so one day I was guided to the Healing with the Angel Oracle cards, by Doreen Virtue. Those cards really helped me in my self-love journey to heal myself and understand the meaning of what I was going through. Of course, then I was guided to get the Angel Tarot cards, and I couldn't stop doing readings. 

Then I was guided to the Akashic Records. I had been guided to the Akashic Records for a while, but for some reason I didn't get the message until after a Solar Revolution reading a great tarot reader I met in Venezuela, Jeannette Mendez. It took some time for me to get comfortable in the Records, but now I feel the Akasha is as fascinating as Reiki, but here I can get deep, loving guidance and healing in a conversation with Spirit. It's amazing what you can experience in the Records when you surrender.

At some point I was guided to connect with the Archangels, and I say this because I have been connecting with them without known my whole life. Now that i say it, they were the ones who guided me to the angel cards, so of course they also guided me to create Blue Healing Tarot, archangel Michael to be precise, the blue angel! But I as consciously guided to connect with them probably a year ago or a little more, so I connected with Alessandra Ruta, with whom I'm teaching the Angel Tarot course. Learning how to connect and receive guidance from the angels have been an absolute joy. I speak with them constantly and channel them in all my sessions. The Angel Therapy has been a gift for me, because I feel guided and healed every time.

This has been my journey to heal my physical body. All this healing modalities have helped me. I still have things to learn and release to move forward in my healing, but I can tell you that everything I've learned have helped me greatly, and I know it can help you too


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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