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Veronica Dennis, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot

Hello everyone!

I'm Veronica, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot. I am a Reiki Master,  Akashic Records Master, and intuitive Tarot reader with 15+ years of experience, and I'm thrilled to share my story with you 💙

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My Story

I have been able to connect with Spirit since I was a toddler, but I did not understand my calling until my teens, when I discovered my interest in energy work.

Shortly after the traffic accident that I had when I was 16 years old, I began to feel pain in my back, then my shoulder, my hip, and so on. Not being able to alleviate these pains with traditional medicine, I started exploring energy work treatments.

I learned a bit about Brain Gym and acupuncture, which taught me about the power of transforming energy with movement and needles, which I found fascinating. At the time I was a physical therapist working at a rehab center, so I wasn't taking energy work too serious, insisting on healing the others the regular way (a way that didn't work for me..)

In 2008 I found Reiki, which I felt was the ideal energy work modality for me. The information I was able to gain about out-of-balance chakras and painful areas on my body was invaluable. This is a practice that has positively changed my life. With daily practice I have managed to stop taking pain pills, heal my body, and most importantly, I have managed to get to know myself better by becoming aware of the emotions and beliefs that were causing pain in my body. Having this experience I felt that I had to share this gift with others wherever they are in the world, so I became a Reiki Master.

Clairsentience has always been my strongest channel, but with the reiki practice, clairvoyance began to awaken. In this way, I felt guided to obtain a visual medium to channel healing, such as the oracle cards and the tarot. My first letters were from Angel Therapy, which came to me at a time of great change. At that time, I had moved to California to get married, leaving my loved ones in Peru, where I lived for four years. In addition, I had to be in bed for several weeks upon arrival due to a small accident that I had on the trip. Many emotions together, some positive and others not so much, were creating chaos in my life and those letters came to my salvation. I felt a lot of light when I was able to see in a more graphic way what was happening inside me, as well as the advice to heal my emotions and my body. From this moment I fell in love with the cards, and I felt that I had to share the wisdom hidden in the tarot and the oracle cards.

With the daily practice of Reiki, something else began to happen. I began to channel information about my clients, sometimes from past lives. In this way I understood that I had access to the Akashic Records through reiki, so I decided to become an Akashic Records Master. During my practice I realized that my channel, my way of accessing the records is through reiki, so I decided to use this gift only in reiki sessions.

With the angel cards I remembered the connection I had with the angels when I was about two years old, and in this way they have returned to my life by being present during all my sessions. The company and guidance of the angels has been invaluable to me, and I'm sure it will be for you too.

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