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Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy is a detailed investigation of the archives of the soul and the subconscious, which identifies the limiting emotions and beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals in love, career, money, health, spirituality.


The Angels will never tell you what to do because they respect your free will, but they will show you the path you must travel to discover your potential, your gifts, and your truth. 

Each archangel points out and balances the aspects of your life that must be healed for your evolution.  

"You do not have to believe in a particular religion to receive this therapy, as archangels are non-denominational. We all have a celestial team that is always with us. You just have to ask for their assistance to receive it."

Angelic Therapy includes: Dowsing, Angelic Tarot, Akashic Records and Distant Reiki

Through the Dowsing technique each archangel will show you those aspects of your life that are out of balance, and with their loving energy they balance and energize them to improve your life in love, money, work, relationships, health and attract the harmony to your life in general.

The Angel Tarot reading will answer question about You only. Its purpose is to help you heal your mental, spiritual, physical and spiritual bodies with the guidance of the archangels. It amplify the guidance channeled through the Dowsing technique and answer your specific questions about your path in every area of your life.

These readings will not predict your future because future is not set in stone; instead, they will show you a likely outcome, that is glimpse of what you are creating with the emotions and beliefs that you have right now, and advise on what you need to release to change it if it's not the one you desire.



Angel Therapy sessions:

Angelic Therapy with Dowsing

Angel Therapy with Dowsing

Is a technique that channels the energy of your angels to balance and energize the aspects of your life that are not in harmony. By receiving this cleansing, the energy blocks that do not allow you to advance harmoniously towards your goals and dreams are eliminated.

45 Minute session (approx)

Angel Therapy with Dowsing & Angel Tarot

Through the Dowsing  technique and the Angel Tarot  the angels of light help you identify and transcend these limitations so that you can move easily towards your goals and dreams.

60 Minute session (approx)

Deep Angel Therapy with Dowsing

This session includes Angelic Therapy with Radiesthesia and Tarot, plus Distance Reiki and reading of Akashic Records.

90 Minute healing therapy (approx)