The Healing starts within you

Focusing on our well-being instead of the money we want to make with our new project is the key to success.

I think that the majority of people on the planet spends their life trying to reach success, and most of us do it aiming the wrong target. We usually have in mind the final outcome... the money.

I was doing exactly that, although I thought that I was focusing in what I wanted to give. This usually works, focus on the service, on what you want to give to others or how you are going to help others with your gift, your talent or the service you want to provide.

Recently I was guided to read the Akashic Records, so I started to read about it and decided to get the Akashic Tarot to start reading the records a little quicker. So I pulled some cards for me and they showed me how wrong I was...

When you visit your Akashic fields, you can review the records from your past and remove what is a block in your present

When your life purpose is to help others to heal, you need to heal yourself first. The Queen of Roses reversed talks about self-love. The truth is that the Tarot cards have said this many times but this card spoke to me loud and clear: I need to put myself first. I have to exercise to relief my back pain and rehab my knee.

Change what doesn't serve you anymore

Every day I wake up and I meditating, or I do some Reiki, and then I get completely distracted reading about tarot, reading the cards, working on my website (I'm designing a new one), and I leave exercise to the last. What happens??? Most of the times, by the end of the day I'm exhausted and I don't exercise. Turns out that this pattern is what doesn't let me move forward in my spiritual path.

So last night, after the Akashic tarot reading, I decided to start taking care of myself stretching before going to bed. Usually when I wake up my left foot is a little swollen so I walk limping for a little while. Today guess what?? It was swollen but I walked without limping. Can you believe it???

You need to help yourself before you can help others.