A five-day trip to recharge

A drive from Texas to California, visiting the four most incredible places to reconnect with the planet and its spirituality.

All my life I'd wanted to see the Grand Canyon and the opportunity finally presented itself. My husband had to go to Texas for work, so we planned to go to see this wonder of nature on our way back home.

When planning our route we found other interesting places that we wanted to know, so we included them in our trip.

Prairie Dog Town

The Prairie Dog Town is in the Mackenzie Park, located in the city of Lubbock in Texas.

#prairiedogs are a species of squirrel with a short tail that does not live in trees, but under the ground. They dig impressive tunnels, with a specific space to relieve themselves, another to sleep, and another in which they can perceive if there is danger outside.

They usually stay away from people, but this little friend that you see next to me, ventured to get close enough to get a treat!.

Petrified Forest - Painted Desert

The #petrifiedforest is located in Arizona and in it you find trees, fossils and land formations that were created in the Triassic period, 225 million years ago.

This is a magical place. The mountains and the logs look like rainbows!. The mountains have more than 7 different colors, each one representing a different era. The gray line was formed in the jurassic era