Activate the inflow of money to your life

Heal your Root Chakra to eliminate the blockages to prosperity, security, and physical health

If you usually have money or physical health problems, it may be that your Root Chakra is affected. It is linked to our survival instincts and to our ability to ground and identify ourselves in the physical world. It's connected to our sense of prosperity and security, and to our physical health.

When was the last time you walked barefoot outside?

Signifier card: ROOT CHAKRA

The frequency of this chakra stimulates passion and supports our sense of security on this physical plane, both in our bodies as well in the physical world.

What your Root Chakra is telling you


To heal your relationship with money and your physical health you must let go of old beliefs, patterns, and labels that are limiting you. Only then can you recognize your potential and integrate your gifts into your life. It is from this site of openness and discernment that you can truly develop and emerge as a new human being.

What you're going through right now

The Hanged One reversed

You may be feeling bored or stuck. Maybe you are not sure where you are going and that is why it is difficult for you to decide what to do. It may be that you feel limited, like without room to move and change course.

You feel that way because you are in a stage of transition, of transformation. You are in a quiet period where nothing important is happening because you need to take a break. At this time taking action is not indicated. Take advantage of this time to see things from a completely different point of view

The Healing Process