Akashic Records readings for your pet

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

An effective and safe treatment for your pet's separation anxiety

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of each soul throughout its journey. They constitute an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that each soul has thought, said and done throughout its existence, as well as all its future possibilities.

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Every living being has a soul, therefore, everything that the soul of your furry friend has lived and the emotions he has felt is registered in the Akasha.

Akashic Records reading for your Pet

In reading your pet's Records, the Akashic Records reader is attuned to the Universal energy and connects with the soul of your pet through a prayer. Then he asks her a series of questions to find out why she behaves the way he does, what trauma needs to be healed. When the Akashic Records reader receives the answers, he helps your pet change his perspective of the events to transform the false belief that produced the trauma. When this is achieved, healing occurs. This process can happen quickly, as in Shaggy's case, or it can take several sessions. If your little animal asks you to change something in the way you relate to it, you need to commit to giving it what it needs so that it can heal. This is a distant healing method. This is a remote healing method, so the session is done on a phone call

Shaggy's separation anxiety Healing in the Akasha / La Sanación de la ansiedad por separación de Shaggy en el Akasha

This is Laura's testimony on Facebook, telling her experience after her Shaggy's Akashic Records reading, her dog, who has suffered from separation anxiety for 4 years.

"I write this testimony because Verónica helped me heal a great problem and I will be grateful for life with her and her great work!

For 4 years I have desperately searched for alternatives to improve my dog's separation anxiety, whom I love as if he were my son.

His condition is quite severe, and every time I leave him alone at home he becomes very nervous and desperate. As a consequence he destroys furniture, wooden frames and anything else that comes his way.

I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING! From anxiety medication prescribed by his vet, to relaxation therapies; but nothing could calm him down until a week ago when I came across Blue Healing Tarot !!

I'm still in shock, but the truth is that after Veronica read his Akashic records I have left him alone 3 times and HAS NOT DESTROYED ANYTHING !! This had never happened before, since every time I left the house, when I came back I would always find something broken, bitten, or destroyed in some way.

During the reading, Verónica explained to me that she connected with my dog's soul ​​and asked him several questions about the root of his behavior. She also sent him messages of peace and tranquility, explaining that I will always take care of him and protect him, and that even though I go out, I will never abandon him.

After this session, I have left him alone 3 times and on my return I have found EVERYTHING in order, so I think this reading has definitely had a positive effect on my dog! In a week I will do another follow-up reading, but for the moment I am absolutely happy that I finally managed to find a therapy that helps ease my baby's suffering during my absences.

Veronica is an excellent professional, with an innate gift of words and her intuitive skills are truly amazing! Her warmth made me feel very comfortable opening my heart and asking her very personal questions, without fear of feeling like I'm being judged.

From my heart, I recommend Blue Healing Tarot 100% to anyone who needs an alternative therapy to heal or understand patterns; and I am very grateful to life of having found Veronica. From now on I will be a regular customer!

Thank you very much for your help, it has been almost a miracle!!!

Laura H."

Change your pet's life

If your pet is behaving strangely, the cause is most likely an emotional trauma from the past or perhaps from a past life. An Akashic Records reading may be all that your furry friend needs to heal and live happily and balanced.

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