Akashic Tarot Reading

Messages from the Lords of the Records to guide your way

You have recently experienced a loss that has shaken your life. Some have been through a breakup, lost their job or job opportunity, perhaps a loved one, or some other kind of loss. Others have had a revelation that is forcing them to let go of old beliefs and fears. In any scenario, that event has turned your world upside down because it is bringing many changes, it is forcing you to make decisions that will make your life take a different course than you had planned.

Thousands of #emotions assail you during the day ... Sadness, fear, anger ... Everything has happened very quickly and you have not had time to internalize what is happening and what awaits you. Now you are in a very emotional moment and this does not allow you to listen to your intuition. If you manage to calm down and listen to your heart, you will realize that this situation is giving you the opportunity to make come true that hidden desire that you had, which for some time has intensified but you have rejected it thinking that it is impossible to achieve it.

Once you begin to accept yourself as a Vibratory Being that attracts all the things that come into your experience ... once you understand the correlation between what you are thinking, feeling and what you are receiving ... then you have the keys to get from where you are to where you want to be, in all cases

You are at the beginning of the path to your #dreams. Life is forcing you to leave your #comfort zone, taking you along unexplored paths that, although they may seem scary, are full of surprises and #learning that will allow you to materialize your dreams.


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