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Accessing the Records by using symbols of Reiki

For about a week I have been learning about the Akashic Records, which are a dimension that contains everything you need to know about yourself.

When you access the Akashic Records, you get the answer to a specific question when you voluntarily visit the records , or if you access them through your dreams, which has been my experience up to this point, you receive the information that your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones feel you need to know at that time.

Accessing the Records is an incredible and very real experience. In my dreams they have shown me information about my future baby (which is not yet in our plans), and my spiritual gifts. Did you know that your Teacher can attune you into the healing practice that you are meant to do in this lifetime while you are in the records?

It takes practice to be able to access the Records takes practice. When you start trying to access the records voluntarily you usually feel that nothing is happening, but they say that if things are happening but only when you are ready to receive the information will you feel the change.

A few days ago I was guided to access using the Reiki symbols, which is an energy healing practice.

So far I've only walked on clouds and I saw a golden door in a "V" inverted far away when I use the symbols. Persistence is the way to success, so I'll keep practicing and I'll tell you about my progress!

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