Are your emotions showing up as physical pain or illness?

Balance your chakras to have a healthy emotional and physical body

Energy imbalances are in most cases the root of health problems, be it a stomach ache, migraines or something more serious, and these imbalances can be caused by negative thought patterns.

Yesterday they gave me the results of my X-rays and I was surprised, because although it is nothing serious, it is a little more complicated than I imagined. This got me thinking about the tarot cards reading I posted yesterday about the solar plexus chakra, because I realized that my injury is due to an energy imbalance in that chakra caused by a negative thinking pattern that I've had since I was child.

Throughout life things can happen to us that hurt us, but perhaps at that moment we do not give it much importance and we forget about them. But even though we haven't thought about this incident in years, those memories are etched into our subconscious and have unknowingly affected us for a long time. In the long run, the feelings that these events produce in us can manifest themselves through physical symptoms.

If you have lower back pain, check if you have feelings of:

  • Impotence

  • Unmet affective or emotional need

  • Resistance to fully living your life

  • Difficulty leaving old ideas behind

I am using various techniques to bring to my consciousness those events that are blocking my lower back healing, because now I understand that the only way to heal our physical body is to heal our emotional body. Practicing meditation and reiki, opening my Akashic Records, consulting the tarot cards and writing in my journal everything that these events make me feel is what is helping me to heal.

Only by facing our wounds we can heal our soul and be better every day.

Tomorrow we'll explore in a tarot reading what's falling away, what we need to forgive, and what this Full Moon illuminates for our personal and spiritual growth. Stay tuned!