Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone! I am Veronica Dennis, the one behind Blue Healing Tarot. I am a Reiki and Akashic Records Master, Intuitive Tarot reader, and I work with the archangels

This blog, and my services, have the purpose to help you take control of the outcomes you want to create in your life, by giving you tools to break free from limiting beliefs created by hidden emotions, or your inner-child wounds, manifesting in your life as chronic pain, be it physical, mental or emotional.

My purpose has changed a bit because I have realized that the most challenging situation that I've been dealing with for more than twenty years, and successfully improving with all the spiritual practices I know, has given me more than enough experience and knowledge to help others that are in a similar situation.

Weekly posts

Every week you will receive an article with useful information about tarot, reiki, akashic records, angels, as well as tips that you can put into practice to improve your spiritual practice, connect and release emotions, heal your inner child, improve levels of pain and your well-being, and more.


New Karmic Reiki healing sessi0ns


* Armony and inner peace

* Release of a strong energy charge that will be felt emotionally and physically

* Release of negative behavior patterns

* Reprogramming of wrong beliefs

* Healing of traumas from this and other lives

* Growth and spiritual evolution

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