Chakra balancing to move closer to your purpose in life

Remove emotional blockages to move closer to your life purpose

The purpose of this card reading is to know which chakra you should work on today to get closer to your purpose in life.

For this reading I will use the energy of the Bumblebee jasper (the beautiful stone in the shape of a heart). One of its properties is to unite our passion with our purpose for the unfolding of our destiny.

You're being guided to align the energy of the crown chakra, which is the one that allows us to transform negative energy into positive, removing the obstacles that prevent us from manifesting our dreams. In this case, there are negative feelings and emotions that need to be released and transform into light and love.

There is something that causes you pain, and it has its root in a past experience. Maybe a relationship ended a while ago and you haven't been able to leave what happened behind. This prevents someone new from entering your life, and keeps you living in pain.

Or maybe in the past someone took advantage of you when you offered your help. Now you are seeing someone going through a difficult time and the fear that they will take advantage of you again prevents you from doing offering your help. This is causing you internal conflict.

Whatever the cause of the wound in your heart is, it's essential that you work on it. If you feel like you have nothing to heal, I advise you to explore in depth. Meditation or writing in your journal are often very effective ways to explore and heal.

Only healing your heart will you be able to move closer to your life purpose, feeling balanced and in harmony with the Universe.

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