Clearing negative emotions from the Heart Chakra

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The energy blockages you experience today are rooted in events in your childhood. From a young age you learn to act out a certain emotion instead of feeling it, so your soul puts you back into situations that lead you to feel that emotion. If you don't learn to feel the emotion, the intensity of the events will increase. Have you ever felt that the same thing always happens to you in love, at work, or with money?

The energy of your Heart Chakra

A Grand Symphony

It looks like you may have an identity conflict. You don't know who you are or how to define yourself, and you feel that you don't fit completely into the world. The blockages in this chakra usually have their root in events lived at the age of four, in which you may have experienced a feeling of abandonment, betrayal, rejection or sadness: maybe a sibling was born, you moved, or you started going to school and you felt this way?

Feeling like you don't fit in can make you want to spend time alone discovering who you are with the intention of being able to know yourself better and discovering what you feel identified with.

Tension you are currently holding in this area


You feel a very deep need to fit in, be it in your family group, with your friends, or at work. This can be reflected in the way you express yourself, speaking out of desperation to be accepted or noticed. You are trying too hard, and this can create the opposite response to what you want from people.

Sientes una necesidad muy profunda de encajar, ya sea en tu grupo familiar, con tus amigos o en el trabajo. Esto puede verse reflejado en la forma en que te expresas, hablando desde la desesperación por ser aceptado o notado. Te estás esforzando demasiado, y esto puede crear la respuesta opuesta a la que deseas de las personas.