Focus on the Journey to succeed

When you focus on the outcome, you miss out the lessons of the journey

Many times, when we have a project in mind we tend to focus on the result we want to have, wanting to get there from the beginning. This can be daunting and can lead us to give up on making our dream come true.

The situation we are going through has led many to have to reinvent themselves, and perhaps you are one of them. This process can be slow and exasperating, because you feel like you have to start making money NOW! Right? But stress and anxiety can work against you, because you don't allow to silence your mind and listen to the guidance of your #higherself to discover your #purpose and give life to it with your project.

Signs of not being connected to your Higher Self:

  • You have an idea for your project that doesn't really inspire you

  • You want to start something but you have no idea what it might be

  • Procrastination

  • You feel blocked

All this is normal when you have to start from scratch. To make your life a little easier, I invite you to try this exercise:

Find a place where no one will disturb you for about 10 minutes. Get comfortable either sitting on your meditation pillow, in a chair or lying down (but don't fall asleep!). Take three deep breaths, ask the angels or the Universe to show you the path to follow in your project, and then focus on your breathing for about 5 or 10 minutes. If thoughts come to your mind, just go back to following your breath without judging yourself. By turning off your mind the answer will come; an idea, a word, or maybe the lyrics of a song. Any message you get will be a clue that will lead you to discover your purpose. I recommend that you have a notebook handy so that you write down the answers you receive each time you do this exercise.

This practice allows you to see what you should focus on each day, to learn the lessons of your journey towards your goal. Each step you take to achieve your goal is an enriching experience that leads you to overcome fears and release limiting beliefs that are blocking your way. The journey takes you to transformation, to create a better version of yourself that sometimes also transforms your goal, leading you to do something that you never thought you would do, but that is where your soul really thrives.


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