Full Moon in Aries

What is going away, what you need to forgive, and what's being illuminated for you

The full moon predicts climaxes and conclusions, and being in the sign of Aries tells us that you will live these determining situations passionately, moving with great conviction towards your goal.

What's falling away and what do you need to forgive?

There is a relationship that ended, but I feel that it is not recent. You are leaving behind those painful memories and negative feelings towards this person. However, you have to work on forgiving yourself for the mistakes you may have made. Maybe you blame yourself for something you did or said, or it could be that you blame yourself for having a toxic pattern in your relationships. You're afraid that it will repeat itself once more, either in your current relationship or in a future one.

It's time to heal this thinking pattern. Mistakes are learning experiences, and there is no other way to learn how to do things right. Internalize the lessons of your experiences and congratulate yourself on the personal growth that these experiences have given you.

The Full Moon is in Aries, a fiery, intense and passionate sign. This moon will intensify your emotions, making you feel them with great passion so that you'll be able to manifest all that you are feeling with great intensity. If you expect what awaits you in the near future to be confusing or disappointing, it will be so. But if what you expect are positive results, keep wishing it strongly because the desires of your soul and your heart will help you manifest your dreams.

What's the illuminated Full Moon showing you?

I love synchronicities... You Are Good Enough!!!

Here I see that you may not be appreciating yourself enough, and I feel that this is where the negative feelings mentioned in the previous card may come from.

Evaluate how you feel about yourself and believe that you are valuable and good enough. Also evaluate how you are selecting your other half, because it may be that you are targeting the wrong type of person.

What comes next?