Reiki to access Past-Life Memories

Heal emotional blocks from past-lives using only an Amethyst crystal and Reiki

If you feel that something in your life is blocked, that no matter how hard you try you can't do it, or you can't change it, it is because to remove that blockage you must heal an event from the past or from a past life.

If you analyze the situation well, you will surely find that there are things that are constantly repeated, and if you dig into your past, you will probably remember an event in your childhood, or even in a past life, in which you felt the same way for the first time. This is the Seed Pattern, and is called this way because we are going to react the same way we did at this time, whenever a situation triggers that emotion

If you can find that moment, you will recover old memories you didn't know you have and you'll begin to connect events that will help you understand yourself better and heal that emotion. Then, you will notice how things in your life little by little begin to change, because the energy blockage is no longer there!

Being able to heal all the wounds that we drag from all our lifetimes can take many lives. We are always in constant evolution and transformation. For this reason I am always trying different ways to heal, and this time I found a Reiki sequence in the book Spiritual Reiki by Sarah Parker Thomas, which combined with the use of a crystal, helps you to remember past life events.

I tried this method to heal a memory from when I was 19 years old, that when I examined with the tar