Solar Plexus Chakra: How to regain your personal power

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Authentically step into your power and embrace your spiritual abilities, empowering the core of your personality, willpower, and identity

The Soul Memory System believes that the chakras develop their energy during our first eight years of life, and that each chakra takes a year to fully develop, causing us to feel the emotions with which they are associated during that time. The Solar Plexus chakra develops during the age of 3 and deals with power issues. What happens during this year of life will determine how powerful you will feel later in life.

If you have a blockage that has originated in this chakra, you will feel the emotions of the problematic situation you are going through in the present in that area, about four fingers above your navel.

Try to remember what situation you lived when you were three years old that made you feel the way you feel now. That event, however small it may seem, is the cause of the blockage of this chakra.

Your Solar Plexus Energy right now

Divine Feminine

At this time, your chakra handles a predominantly feminine energy, and this can make you insecure. You are not confident in your abilities and you are afraid to show the world your true self for fear of being judged. Maybe you feel more secure letting others tell you what to do instead of deciding for yourself the direction of your life. This way if something goes wrong it's not your fault, so you won't be judged or criticized.

Maybe you have psychic abilities, or you want to do something unconventional for a living, and the opinion of others about it makes you doubt your ability to achieve what you want.

Tension you are currently holding in this area (physically, energetically, spiritually, emotionally)


You are afraid to allow yourself to be who you really are, to take off your mask, and to stop being who others expect you to be. You fear that others will not approve of who you really are, or maybe you doubt yourself, and you think you are not enough. This fear can paralyze you, causing you to resist taking the step you need to turn your life around.

How you can release this tension

Divine Masculine

To release this tension you must strengthen your masculine energy. Right now your energy is leading you to go inward towards shyness or wanting to be invisible. Male energy is yang. It goes outward, so you must work on expressing what you want in your life. In your journal write down all the talents and skills that you possess and how you want to use them. Make a list of the positive things that could happen if you put them into practice.

How you can improve your mental clarity

Crown Chakra

To improve your mental clarity, the angels advise you to strengthen your crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head. If you like to meditate or practice reiki, you can use these techniques. If not, any practice that you enjoy that leads you to calm your mind, such as exercising or painting, will bring you to a state of meditation in which you will strengthen this chakra. The color of this chakra is purple, so eating foods of this color, using purple crystals or wearing purple clothing will also help you.

By strengthening this chakra you will have a more direct connection with your spirituality, with your higher self, and with your intuition. It will help you to see clearly who you are, what your skills are, and what is the next step to materialize your ideas or dreams.

How you can improve your Self-Confidence


Get in touch with nature. If you have a patio, sit there and meditate, paying attention to the sound of the birds and the leaves of the trees when the wind blows. Feel the air on your skin. If you live in an apartment, walk barefoot.

The angels are guiding you to connect with your spirituality and with the earth so that you achieve the energetic balance you need.

What will change when you improve your self confidence


You will listen to your heart and discover who you really are. what are your gifts and abilities and how to manifest them? How do you materialize your ideas and dreams? You will be able to show people who you are, you will learn to communicate your ideas and your new points of view without fear of being judged or criticized.

Card in the back of the deck


This card contains the general message of this reading and reads like this:

The frequency of Perception supports our natural curiosity, moving us beyond our comfort zone to find the edges of what we perceive as "real" and to take a good, hard, deep look at it.

Your limiting beliefs are the ones creating the obstacles in your life. By changing your perception of yourself you change your reality. The obstacles disappear and the Universe aligns itself to manifest your wishes.

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