The Benefits of Reiki

Balance, Relaxation, Healing

The Reiki energy makes you enter a comfortable state of relaxation and balance that is transmitted to those around you. Every time I sit down to do Reiki, Desi likes to lie down close to me for a nap.

11 years ago I started my Reiki practice in a two day course in Colonia Tovar, a beautiful German colony in Caracas, Venezuela. I attended this course with my mother and aunt, and it was a wonderful experience. When I received my initiation from the hands of my Master, Katrin Kissel, my hands and arms were vibrating with great force as my chakras opened, becoming a channel for the healing energy of the Universe. It was a very intense and powerful feeling.

After certifying myself in the first level of Reiki, I practiced it for a while, but I got distracted by life and little by little I put Reiki aside. A few years later, a knee fracture led me to focus on my healing and Reiki came back into my life. I started practicing on a daily basis, doing Reiki on my husband when he asked, and on Desi whenever I got a chance.

How Reiki has helped me / Como me ha ayudado el Reiki

This practice has helped me to better listen to the nutritional needs of my body by choosing better what I eat and reducing portion sizes. (I'm enjoying the weight loss benefits). It also helps me control and reduce pain in my knee and my lower back, which helps my sleep.

Who can receive Reiki?

Reiki treatments are used to treat mental and physical health difficulties in both people and animals by removing the energy blocks that are causing the problem.

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