The Medicine Wheel

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental balance to overcome chronic pain

When we want to heal the body we tend to focus on the physical body, attacking the symptom. We forget that we are integral beings made up of four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To eliminate the problem we must go to the cause, which is found in the other three bodies, mainly in the emotional one.

This reading reveals what you must heal in each of the bodies to achieve a state of health and well-being.


Divine Matrix

Spirit is calling you to change your perspective on your health. Each of us has the power to create our destiny. Your thoughts create your reality. A change of mind is needed. Visualize yourself living in wellness and believe that is done.


Exposed and Revealed

You need to heal the feeling of shame that have made you have the impostor syndrome. Feeling this way has made you believe that something is wrong with you. It is time to regain your sense of self worth by freeing yourself from this false belief. Learn what shame feels like to let the memories flow and release this energy. This will allow you to forgive the ones who hurt you, transforming the energy blockage into health and well-being.


Let it go

Forgiveness is key to your healing. Resentment towards people who have hurt you in the past and feeling like a victim are low energies that have become stagnant in your body, manifesting as pain. It is time to leave the past behind learning the lesson of bad times, integrating it to experience a spiritual and personal growth that will allow you to see everything from a new perspective of empowerment, restoring your self-worth and self-esteem.


Feeling the World

You are a person with a lot of empathy. You like to help others, and in many occasions you put others first. It is good to help and be there for others, but you must learn to set boundaries because you may be feeling drained. Take care of your energy, learn to say no when you need to take a brake and have time for yourself, but do it with kindness

Your Heart's Guidance

A Grand Symphony

Allow yourself to feel the pain and suffering of negative experiences from the past. Focus only on what these events make you FEEL. Live your pain with intensity, allow yourself to cry until there is nothing else to feel. This will allow you to have a greater capacity for love, compassion, empathy and understanding. A healing experience will take place that will transform your life forever.

Don't miss out tomorrow's post about the System for Soul Memory, that is a wonderful method to heal your emotions and your body

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