The Akashic Records

When you journey into the Akashic Records, you can records your current thoughts and actions to shift the quality of your life.

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains all the information of your soul. Here you can find information about who you were in your past life or 200 years ago.

You can find information about anything you want, like where your relationships or finantial patterns come from. They could have been established by an experience on your childhood, or maybe in a past life. I, for example, learned that what is blocking me comes from a past life, where I was a soldier and had to fight in a war.

Journeying into the Akashic Field, you can visit and rewrite your records of the past and get rid of difficult blocks in the present, heal relationship and fiantial patterns, and change the history of certain times and places that may still have a hold on you.
From The Akashic Records made easy by Sandra Ann Taylor

This will be a long pathway of learning and practicing for me, but I'm open to the experience

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