The week ahead

Timeless reading

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Beginning of the week

Starting the week you may experience internal conflict due to disagreements with people around you, perhaps at home, work, or with friends. Difficulty is observed in reaching agreements on a common goal

Advice: go beyond what is in front of your eyes, expand your horizons to see new possibilities in this situation

Middle of the week

The situation at the beginning of the week will make you lose your balance, you will feel that you are losing the balance between pleasure and work. This will bring into your life an unexpected event ... maybe you will make a drastic decision to rectify this situation, or some unexpected event will shake you and make you release false beliefs that have caused this situation

The end of the week

Freeing yourself from limiting beliefs will allow you, at the end of this week, to find that much-needed balance. You can focus on the direction you want this situation to take, which will be something that will allow you to achieve the balance in your life that you want so much. At the end of this week you will be on your way to what you want so much or maybe it will even come true.


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