Feel your emotions to Heal your life

Unfelt emotions manifest in our life as blocks in love, finances, health and more

Since you were conceived your soul started attracting events to your life to make you feel emotions, because these are the lessons that you came here to learn.

Your body has seven major energy centers called Chakras:

  • Root chakra

  • Sacral chakra

  • Solar Plexus chakra

  • Heart chakra

  • Throat chakra

  • Moon chakra

  • Third Eye chakra

  • Crown chakra

Each of them houses different emotions. Each chakra takes about a year to develop, and this development begins at the time of conception and ends around 8 years of age. During that time, the chakra in development attracts to our life different events to make us learn how to feel the emotions handled by this energy center.

If the first time you experienced an unpleasant emotion you acted it out instead of feeling it, you did not learn how to feel that emotion and therefore it was not released. It stayed in the chakra and became an energy block. Therefore that chakra has continued to attract events into your life trying to make you feel that emotion. The problem is that every time that emotion is triggered you respond to it in the same way that you did the first time you felt it in your childhood, you act it out.

To understand better emotions let's use the example of a pendulum. Imagine the pe