What changes will this New Moon bring you?

This #newmoon is a #supermoon , it's in #scorpio and with #mercuryretrograde2020

A new beginning at the professional level. Perhaps a raise, a promotion, or a new job opportunity

We are in Mercury retrograde and this new moon is in a water sign, so problems in communication and a lot of emotional movement can arise. It is not advisable to start anything or make important decisions

However, it is a great time to make long-term plans. Think about where you want to be in 1 or 5 years and make a strategy to achieve it. Plan each step in detail, keeping your focus on the goal

Try to be open to changes in your plan. You may feel very attached to your original plan, but keep in mind that life is change. Every day we learn new things that can make us change our point of view or our strategy to achieve something

Your plan is in development, so all ideas are valid. These days will bring many changes, both in your plans and in your emotions. The road may be a bit rocky but the end result will be positive

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