What cycle is ending with this Full Moon?

A win-win outcome is forecast!

This Full Moon in Libra is bringing balance to your life in the unique way you need it!

You may have been over-focused on getting results on a project or business to the point that you forgot to pay attention to your friends and loved ones. Now you have achieved the success you were looking for, but you no longer have all those people who were there for you before, which can make you feel some dissatisfaction.

This occurred due to an energetic blockage in the throat chakra, which is the communication chakra. You couldn't hear what your heart was telling you, what you really wanted, which was probably to be recognized by those same people.

Perhaps you sought to be recognized through professional success because you have the false belief that love is achieved through achievement. This has made it difficult for you to express what you need on an emotional level. For some of you, this block may have been generated when you were around 5 years old, if you experienced a traumatic event at that age (change of school, move, your parents divorced, someone died, or another).

How to release this block

Empower yourself. Believe in yourself, in your worth, and that your loved ones love you for who you are and not for your achievements. One way to accomplish this is to say positive affirmations in front of the mirror every day.

Another way to do it is by practicing the Garuda Mudra every day. I propose that you practice it for a week. At the end of that week, evaluate if you notice any positive change in your communication and in your relationships.