What you need to hear right now

Relationships reading

There is a relationship that you do not want to let go even though deep down you know that maintaining it does not leave you anything positive. This can be a love relationship, or with a coworker, a partner, boss, or a member of your family.

Your spirit and your passion are faced in a battlefield in which your fears and your needs prevent you from listening to your inner guide.

You have tried to find meeting points, to make things more harmonious, but here there is no balance in giving and receiving. There may be a power play here.

This could be a relationship with yourself, in which you feel that you must put your needs aside to make others happy.

You need time for rest and relaxation to separate yourself from the situation and be able to assess things clearly. Get in touch with your inner self and ask yourself: are you giving your needs the priority they deserve? Maybe it's time to put your mental and emotional health first and leave the battlefield.

Divine advice

You are a being full of love, feel the love within you. Your faith and intuition will give you what you need to transform the pain that this situation can cause you into healing, the conflict into an experience of personal growth, and the fear that all this can generate in love.

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