Chakra balancing. Reiki healing

Distant Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese word that means universal vital energy. This energy knows the cause of all our problems and difficulties, and how to heal them.

It is an energetic treatment without side effects or contraindications, compatible with any type of therapy or treatment. It is a safe and efficient practice that balances the major chakras or centers of subtle energy force, located between the base of the spine and the top of the head, as well as the minor chakras in the body. It can be applied in person or remotely.

Note: Do to the current situation only Distant Reiki is being offered until further notice.

  • Sleep quality improvement

  • Pain relief

  • Stress reduction

  • Promotes a state of balance and harmony

  • Releases energy blocks, balancing mind, body and spirit

  • Supports immune system

  • Improves focus

  • Improves spiritual growth

  • Promotes emotional balance

  • Supports the body's self-healing ability


The Reiki Healer tunnes into the Reiki energy and connects with your energy, and asks the Universe to use her/him as a channel for its healing energy. Then, she/he chooses the technique to send Reiki

(Reduction, the photograph, the Knee). now, through her/his intention, she/he will connect with your energy and begin to send you the Reiki healing.


During a Reiki treatment, the Reiki energy evaluates where the person has blockages and directs the healing energy to those places. There, it will release the negative emotions that are blocking the natural flow of energy in the chakras, leading the person to their healing.

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Reiki Benefits:


Distant Reiki Sessions

Who can receive Reiki


Reiki is completely safe for infants, children, teenagers, adults, elderly people, animals, and just about everyone!​

ATTENTION: Reiki doesn't replace traditional medical care but complements it.

Distant Reiki Sessions

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​45 Min Distant Reiki Healing  and Chakra balancing

  • Chakra check to find the ones that are out of balance

  • Distant Reiki channeling the archangel's healing energy

  • Chakra check at the end of session to confirm all chakras are balanced

  • If messages come through they will be recorded and sent to your email

60 Min Distant Reiki with Crystals session on Zoom

60 Min Distant Reiki Healing with Crystals on Zoom 

  • Chakra check to find the ones that are out of balance

  • Distant Reiki Healing with crystals to enhance Reiki healing.

  • Chakra check to see if those that were unbalanced are balanced after treatment.


75 Min Distant Reiki Healing on Zoom + Angel Therapy with Dowsing

  • Chakra check to find the ones with energy blocks

  • 30 Min Angel Therapy with Dowsing

  • 45 Distant Reiki Healing with Crystals

Distant Reiki packages

Distant Reiki is a wonderful way to remove energy blocks. It aligns all your chakras to help you sleep better, improve your health, your spirituality and more. Every session helps, but emotions and beliefs rooted in you may pull you back to unhealthy habits and behaviours. If you are decided to release everything that no longer serves you and improve your life, having regular Distant Reiki sessions is the perfect way to do it!!!

You can choose between this 2 packs to have your 45 Min, 60 Min, or 75 Min Distant Reiki sessions on a regular basis. 

3 session Pack: you get 15% off 
  • 45 Min sessions . . . pay $125 instead of $147

  • 60 Min sessions . . . pay $191 instead of $225

  • 75 Min sessions . . . pay $242 instead of $285

6 session Pack: you get 20% off
  • 45 Min sessions . . . pay $235 instead of $294

  • 60 Min sessions . . . pay $360 instead of $450

  • 75 Min sessions . . . pay $456 instead of $570