Karmic Reiki

Available Online

Release karmic bindings to heal your life

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 85 US dollars
  • Zoom meeting

Service Description

Karmic law is an essential element in Buddhist philosophy. The wheel of life or Samsara, connected to the concept of karma, symbolizes the cycle of life that includes birth, life and death. The cycle, like the wheel, has no beginning and no end, and therefore after death there is another birth and a new life, again and again. This is what we call reincarnation. In Buddhism, we can all generate karma with thought, word or action. It is a natural law that does not need a superior being or divine intervention to impose it. In this sense, Karma is not a punishment, nor can it interfere with our next life. Each individual has the power and responsibility to shape his present or future life according to his actions and can change the karmic process at any time. In the process of being born again and again, in different situations each time, we are given the opportunity to overcome and learn lessons. The way we take on these challenges defines our karma for our present, future, and future lives. The better our actions, the more we can advance in the Wheel of Life. As we move forward, we clear karma and reach enlightenment, the moment when we rise above the physical plane and there is no need to reincarnate on Earth anymore. BENEFITS OF HEALING PAST-LIVES * Harmony and inner peace * Release of a strong energy charge that will be felt physically and emotionally * Release of negative behavior patterns * Reprogramming of wrong beliefs * Healing of traumas caused in this and other lives * Spiritual growth and evolution This is a 3-Session treatment that can be received in 3 sessions in a row, or no more than 7 days in between. You have the option to buy each session separately, $85 per session, or you can get the 3-Session package, where you pay 1 session a week getting a 10% OFF, paying only $76.5 per session

Cancellation Policy

- You will receive an email with the confirmation of your session and the Zoom link. There you will find instructions to reschedule or cancel your session * Please select the option to receive a reminder via text 24 hours before the time of your session - No penalty if you cancel or reschedule up to 6 hours ahead. - Short notice cancellations and No-Show: you will be charged for the session and to reschedule you will have to pay a fee (50% of full value of the session) - 10 Min waiting tolerance from the scheduled time of your appointment To cancel or rescheedule please get in touch with me at least 6 hours before the time of your session or download the app and manage your appointment there. Failing to do this you will be charged with an extra 50% fee of the full value of the session

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